why techready?


OUR MISSION is to accelerate the rate of women entering the tech space and creating innovative technology products and businesses.

Tech Ready is a leading EduTech company equipping women with the skills, education and community they need to empower them on their startup journey.

We take a holistic and hands on approach to learning. We know that a community style mentoring approach works best and allows you to draw from the collective intelligence of all our mentors, experts, entrepreneurs, designers and developers.


my story

6 years ago I started on a journey to build my first ever technology business.

I didn’t know anything about building websites, apps or how tech businesses worked but, I thought “how hard could it be?”

Like so many first time tech founders, with a big vision and limited budget, I made plenty of mistakes costing me time and money.

“Through my own failings and success I learnt what my purpose and passion is, and that’s helping women in business”

My vision is simple -“Inspire, empower and prepare non-tech female founders globally for their tech startup journey.”

If you have a brilliant business idea and you want to test the market and even go as far as building your first prototype, join me for Tech Ready’s 10 week accelerator course.

I’m looking forward to meeting you and being inspired by your creativity and idea.

“There is a gap in the market when it comes to skills development and technical education and it’s my personal mission to break down barriers and enable women to confidently step into the tech space.”

- Christie Whitehill

Our four pillars


We are building a community that lasts beyond the program and extends to connect to the wider ecosystems.


We are committed to mentoring, guiding and coaching our community to stretch and grow.

Skills and Education

We are dedicated to imparting knowledge, building our cohorts' skill set and educating everyone involved in the program.


We will use our networks and community to support our founders when they seek further educational and financial investment.

Registrations are now open
for the February 13th program.

Limited to 20 participants