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What Do I Look For When Hiring A Developer For The First Time?

9 November, 2017


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Software Development 101

  • - How Programming Works for the Non-Tech

October, 2017


workshops and events

We hold regular events and masterclasses to ensure you can upskill in the area you're wanting to learn about in the tech space. Our bite sized educational events and one day masterclasses are specially designed for women who want to keep on learning and growing and break through the glass ceiling.

We also do customised training. Please send and email to to discuss a customised training session.

I knew I had a good idea and technology could help transform WINK, but I wish I’d had a lot more guidance at the very beginning before I wasted so much time and money.

If there was a program like this that I could have gone through all those years ago it would have been hugely powerful.

- Taryn Williams
CEO, Founder,